projects and exhibition



Aug 30: Opening reception and performances at IV Soldiers – Matthew Silver, Panoply Performance Laboratory (Brian McCorkle and Esther Neff), Geraldo Mercado, and Ivy Castellanos

Sept 6: 
Performances at IV Soldiers – Hiroshi Shafer, Itzy Ramirez, and Anya Liftig

Sept 13: 
A traveling performance between 3 spaces. The performance will begin at 8pm at IV Soldiers with Panoply Lab, Miao Jiaxin and Matthew Silver.
Sept 20:Durational Performances at IV Soldiers – Quinn Dukes, and Chloë Bass.

Anyone can bring 12oz. aluminum cans to IV Soldiers Gallery Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7-9pm through August or by appointment (ivsoldiers@gmail.com). Performances will take place in and using the cans on the Thursday nights in September at IV Soldiers. Cans will also be collected at Panoply Performance Laboratory (104 Meserole St. Brooklyn) throughout August and at Grace Exhibition Space in July.

iCan offers an aluminum structure for self-sustainability. 


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